Catch Wellness

We are open for in person care! Catch Wellness is a community of therapists dedicated to assisting and teaching those committed to their health.

Safety First

To ensure the health and safety of all our clients and staff please wear a mask, arrive promptly, and wash your hands upon entering the clinic.

Virtual Appointments Available

For our clients who are immuno-compromised, elderly, or managing a chronic disease, our virtual sessions are highly recommended.

Keep your eyes on the prize

We will continue to keep our eyes on the things above and together we will rise up through these times together!

Our Foundations

Community building
Preventative care
Inquisitive minds

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What our clients say

“Thanks to Jenny's Pilates classes I am not only more confident in my core stability, strength, and body's flexibility, but also, I no longer feel the chronic tension and pain in my shoulders, neck, and lower back. Jenny brings enthusiasm and kind words of encouragement to every class making me believe in my own abilities as I accomplish even the hardest of exercises. I always feel better after her classes.She pushes me to the limit and the rewards speak for themselves. I cannot thank her enough and I hope that everyone will take her class. ”

Beba K

“I recently completed the GLA:D series and I attended because of osteoarthritis in both hips. Our physiotherapist was very professional and she showed a great amount of patience as she guided us through the exercises. I would certainly recommend this program . When I started the series, I had pain, was limping, and used a cane. I came away from this program pain free with no limp and an increase in my physical activity. I am very grateful I heard of this program at an Oasis education class. ”

Renee Y

“My headaches which used to last up to 4 days and were debilitating to me, now only last 1-2 days and are much more manageable. I always look forward to my appointments with Tracy because even though it's physically painful its still a great experience. She cares for her patients as individual people, not merely patients! ”

Missy M

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