Catch Wellness

Catch Wellness is a community of therapists dedicated to assisting and teaching those committed to their health. We offer pilates, kinesiology, physio, and massage.

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We offer GLA:D classes for osteoarthritis and reformer and mat pilates small group classes for all ages and stages.

Virtual Appointments Available

For our clients who are immuno-compromised, elderly, managing a chronic disease, or live/work remotely, virtual sessions are available for 1:1 sessions and group pilates classes.

Accessible Location

We are located on the ground floor of the Renfew Center just steps away from Renfrew skytrain station and a number of transit bus stops.

Our Foundations

Community building
Preventative care
Inquisitive minds

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What our clients say

“Jenny and I have been working together for 2 years. She is an excellent listener and her vast knowledge allows her to access a wide array of techniques and exercises. I am so grateful that I have discovered the benefits of pilates at catch physio and wellness.”

Tracy D

“My headaches which used to last up to 4 days and were debilitating to me, now only last 1-2 days and are much more manageable. I always look forward to my appointments with Tracy because even though it's physically painful its still a great experience. She cares for her patients as individual people, not merely patients! ”

Missy M

“I recently completed the GLA:D series and I attended because of osteoarthritis in both hips. Our physiotherapist was very professional and she showed a great amount of patience as she guided us through the exercises. I would certainly recommend this program . When I started the series, I had pain, was limping, and used a cane. I came away from this program pain free with no limp and an increase in my physical activity. I am very grateful I heard of this program at an Oasis education class. ”

Renee Y

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