Massage therapy

Registered massage therapists are college trained clinicians who specialize in hands-on manual therapy techniques to assess and treat soft-tissue and joint issues within the body. Our massage therapists are skilled in a variety of techniques to help you recover, improve your function and increase your quality of life. Benefits include:

  • increased circulation
  • improved muscle tone
  • improved metabolism
  • pain relief


  • 30 Min Session : $80
  • 45 Min Session : $110
  • 60 Min Session : $130
  • ICBC Initial 60 Min Session: $120*
  • ICBC Subsequent 60 Min Session: $120*
  • ICBC Subsequent 45 Min Session: $100*

*Please note that ICBC will only cover a portion for this treatment. The client will be responsible for covering the remaining balance of the treatment cost*


Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession dedicated to working with people to help identify and maximize their ability to move and function throughout their life.  All physiotherapists are university educated and highly trained professionals who skillfully apply a combination of evidence-based scientific medicine, continuing education and clinical experience to help their clients achieve goals.  

These goals may include, but are not limited to:

  • Preventing injuries
  • Increasing knowledge of self management
  • Reducing pain
  • Improving  mobility
  • Returning to work, recreation or sport


  • Initial Assessment, 45 min : $120
  • Subsequent Visit, 45 min : $120
  • Subsequent Visit, 30 min : $95
  • MSP assisted claim, 30 min : $15
  • ICBC Initial, 45 min : Covered, no additional user fee applied
  • ICBC Subsequent, 30 min : Covered, no additional user fee applied


In additional to using acupuncture needles to facilitate the healing process, our acupuncturists use cupping, tuina (Traditional Chinese Medicine massage therapy), ear seeds, gua sha (Traditional Chinese Medicine scrapping), the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine liniments, and application of IR emitter to mimic the effects of the traditional heat and moxibustion therapies.

Conditions that can be treated include:

  • acute and chronic pain
  • inflammatory conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia
  • mechanical conditions like sciatica, sprains and strains, neck and low back pain
  • myofascial pain
  • poor sleep, digestion


  • Initial Assessment, 60 min : $135
  • Subsequent Visit, 60 min: $135


This exercise method uses a system of exercises developed to assist in injury rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. Emphasis is placed on core strength, posture, movement control, and breathing. Sessions are one-on-one and customized to each individual. Exercises are performed on the Pilates reformer, cadillac, chair, or mat.

Benefits of PILATES:

  • Builds core strength and stability
  • Improves posture and alignment
  • Increases flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Brings awareness to your breath

Clinical Pilates with a Physiotherapist

  • 60 min One on One Initial Assessment with a Physiotherapist: $150
  • 60 min One on One Subsequent Visit with a Physiotherapist: $150
  • 45 min One on One Subsequent Visit with a Physiotherapist: $120

Exercise Pilates with an Instructor

  • 50 min First timer One on One Assessment: $50
  • 50 min Subsequent Visit: $100
  • Jumpstart package for first timers: $325 includes 4 50 min one one one visits (value $400)
  • Package of 10 private one on one visits: $900 (value $1000)
  • 45 min Group Mat Class pass: $60 / 4 classes, initial assessment required
  • 45 min Group Circuit Class pass: $100/ 4 classes, initial assessment required


Through a functional assessment of your body's current mobility, strength, and balance we will work with you to return you to your optimal functional capacity.

Services include:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Exercise prescription and treatment
  • Pain and chronic disease management
  • Postural assessment and education


  • ICBC (Initial and Subsequent) : Covered, no additional user fee applied
  • Exercise Rehabilition, 60 min (Initial Physio Assessment required) : $130
  • Exercise Rehabilition, 45 min (Initial Physio Assessment required) : $105
  • Kinesiology - Private, 45 min (No claim required) : $85
  • Ergonomic Workplace Assessment, 60 min : $130
  • Group Classes (Private), 45 min : $25/class
  • Group Classes (MSP), 45 min : $10/class


Concussion Rehab

Our physiotherapists provide a comprehensive concussion evaluation to help provide a framework for understanding symptom severity and recovery progression. We adhere to best-practice standards to support complete recoveries in the most efficient time periods. Concussion rehabilitation encompasses all of the following:

  • Vestibular Rehab
    • Specific exercises or manipulations to support recovery of the systems that control your sense of balance, positioning, and movement which do not resolve spontaneously or with rest alone.
  • Oculomotor (Vision) Rehab
    • Early targeted screening and intervention for disturbances in vision that can profoundly cause issues with balance, spatial awareness, and driving, as well as symptoms of headache and fatigue.
  • Exertion based Rehab
    • Supervised, structured, individualized, and graded exercise program is developed considering the particular sport, age and concussion history of the individual.
  • Cognitive (Thinking)Rehab
    •  Identify persistent problems or barriers to normal function in school or work environments including slowed processing of information, difficulties with visual-spatial information, slower reaction times and “foggy” thinking.
  • Manual Physiotherapy
    • Assessment and treatment of neck and spine pain in conjunction with other indicated areas of rehab to maximize recovery outcomes.


  • 60 min Initial Assessment $150
  • 60 min Subsequent Visit $150
  • 45 min Subsequent Visit $135
  • 30 min Subsequent Visit $120
  • 60 min ICBC Assessment: Portion covered by ICBC, additional user fee of $5 applies
  • 60 min ICBC Subsequent Visit: Portion covered by ICBC, additional user fee of $5 applies

Vestibular Rehab

Our physiotherapists are certified to provide a comprehensive evaluation of vestibular conditions which can range in presentation from balance problems to very nauseating and disabling symptoms of vertigo and dizziness. They can result from dysfunction in the vestibular apparatus (the inner ear), an infection of the vestibular nerve, or even an insult to the brain. Sometimes they can come on spontaneously, and other times are a result of trauma (concussion) or disease. While the many vestibular symptoms and conditions can have a variety of causes, they can be debilitating and generally benefit from some sort of vestibular management and treatment.


  • Initial Assessment and Treatment $150
  • 60 min Subsequent Treatment $150
  • 45 min Subsequent Visit $135
  • 30 min Subsequent Treatment $120

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is table based assisted stretching. It reduces passive muscle tension to restore movement and reduce pain.

Each assisted stretching session reduces stress, relieves tension and re-balances your body so that you move more easily and with less pain.

Your first session includes a short discussion of your health and movement history, completion of a few movement and muscle assessments, mobility goal setting and treatment. You will leave feeling more relaxed, moving more freely and with 1-3 stretches.


  • 60 min Initial Appointment $120
  • 60 min Subsequent Treatment $120
  • 45 min Subsequent Treatment $100
  • 30 min Subsequent Treatment $75
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