Our Story

We are Adrienne and Tracy and we are the co-founders of Catch Wellness. Our story began many moons ago as teenagers going head to head on the basketball court but we quickly found solidarity over our love for bbq duck soup noodles. Our friendship is rooted in laughter, travelling, and helping people feel better. Growing up with strong grandmothers as our role models, we cherish the wisdom from their life experiences. We desire to see our grandparents age with the highest quality of life and remain engaged with their friends and family. We want to use this clinic to help build up those in our lives through the giving of our time and the teaching of our knowledge. We envision a clinic that supports the under served populations and aims to provide accessible services to all ages and demographics.

Our space invites moments to enjoy a cup of tea and have a conversation with one another before and after your sessions. We want to show our clients that walking through seasons of pain and suffering is better when in community with others. We truly wouldn’t be where we are now without the care and support of our own wolf pack. And you know what they say, it takes a village to raise a family! We can’t wait to extend what we’ve been given to this new neighborhood who we hope to call family one day.

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